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We provide top quality & trusted cryptocurrencies to cash and cash to cryptocurrency exchange. If you own substantial amount of BTC, ETH or BCH we are here to provide a cash for you. We can also help if you want to buy larger amount of cryptocurrencies for cash. No KYC or AML!

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I have cash and would like to buy larger amount of crypto-currency 

Cash only! No wire transfers!

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I have substantial amount of crypto-currencies and want cash 

Cash only! No wire transfers!

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  • “Our goal is to allow your money to flow without any borders around the word. We believe that global funds allocation is the only way to provide full financial security (…)”

    Daniel Brodsky
    attorney at law / CEO of Law & Tax Group Ltd.

We support highest industry AML & KYC standards


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Crypto Exchange Agency FAQ


Is there a minimum amount for the transaction?

Due to high demand for our services we are only able to handle high volume transactions. The minimum transaction amount is 200.000 EUR.


What are the exchange commission fees?

The exchange commissions varies depending on the amount and individual AML & KYC check. We prepare every transaction very securely strictly.


What (FIAT) currencies can I exchange?

Currently we provide only USD and EUR. Any other currency is the matter of individual settlements and availability.


What cryptocurrencies can I exchange?

We thrive to meet all our customers needs and we are flexible. Right now we support 3 main currencies BTC, BCH and ETH. All other cryptocurrencies is the matter of individual settlements and availability.


Where can I pick-up / drop-off the cash?

We have 3 offices in Europe: London (UK), Warsaw (Poland) and Nicosia (Cyprus). After sending the enquiry you will be provided with location details and all the necessary security measures. We can also arrange transactions in other locations according to our customers specific needs


What is the exchange rate for my transaction?

Due to the significant cryptocurrency fluctuations we use Bitrex™ prices fixed for the day of the transaction.



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